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Engineering Solutions 1

Engineering Solutions 2


Engineering activities progress through the use of international standards and codes. In addition to the general engineering and design standards such as EN, ASME, API, suitable detailed coded for related processes (TEMA, EJMA etc.) are also used .

Services provided in this context include:

  1. ᠅ Layout drawing/design of tubing,
  2. ᠅ Isometric drawings of pipelines,
  3. ᠅ Equipment placement,
  4. ᠅ Preparation of manufacturing and installation drawings,
  5. ᠅ Creation of P&I diagrams,
  6. ᠅ Preparation of piping and equipment specifications,
  7. ᠅ Stress analysis,
  8. ᠅ Finite element analysis,
  9. ᠅ Pressure vessel design and stress analysis,
  10. ᠅ Electrical, automation, instrument and control systems,
  11. ᠅ Project feasibility analysis,
  12. ᠅ 3D modelling

Project Management

It is vital to determine the proposed project management model to improve efficiency and performance in projects, reduce resource costs, reduce costs and project duration, and achieve desired quality levels.

The success of a project is directly related with the effort in planning phase and the capabilities of the project team. For this reason, project management is a subject that requires serious precision in detailed planning at discipline and project processes.

Forent Energy has the capacity, experience and the technology to provide its customers with project management services both domestically and abroad and in principle the project management services are proceeding as a whole in the framework of ISO 9001 QMS processes.

Project management at Forent Energy consists of executives who have the necessary education and training to manage these sensitive issues in the most accurate way possible, who are highly equipped, analytical thinkers and work in a solution-oriented manner.

It is possible to summarize the progress made in the framework of project management as follows:

  1. ᠅ Creation of project specifications and contracts,
  2. ᠅ Selection of appropriate subcontractor, preparation and management of subcontracting contracts,
  3. ᠅ Management of quality control services,
  4. ᠅ Preparation of quality statement,
  5. ᠅ Management of engineering and design processes,
  6. ᠅ Preparation of material specifications and management of approval processes,
  7. ᠅ Preparation of procurement documents, management of all procurement processes,
  8. ᠅ Management of possible administrative, financial and engineering risks etc...